Why Us?

If you’re looking for a partner with the vision to anticipate future trends in application development and three screen digital SGNiFY is your partner.

SGNiFY is the is the result of over  27 years of experience designing, building and delivering technology solutions to the global events industry, hospitality, office and government customers. We collaborate with our customers to bring real world solutions and products to execution within your time-lines and budget. More importantly we think creatively from a global perspective…..

Sgnify open source digital sign networks are developed with an approach that starts with a clean slate. We then build applications, or integrate existing app's to meet your  needs for the digital sign placement.


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    • Education
    • Events
    • Municipal
    • Office/Retail
    • Sports
    • Garage
    • Trolley


  • Built on Open Source
  • Cloud Driven
  • Touch Controlled
  • Real Time 4G