Digital Advertising

We are committed to designing a SGNIFY digital sign network that will offset the hardware and application expense with advertising revenues. SGNIFY deployments for events and trade show can be revenue positive with as few as 30 advertisers. Contact us for a custom solution to your marketing needs.

SGNIFY offers digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising on an interactive digital touch screen. DOOH is increasingly considered an attractive and meaningful way to connect a brand to its audience.

  • Targeted timely messages to your prospective customers
  • Immediate delivery

Digital Out of Home media is a location based advertising medium that can reach your targeted audience right now when they are ready to act.  Your digital based advertisements allow you to reach an extended market of visitors, as well as locals that are on-site and ready to buy today.  Your advertisements can compel a potential buyer with a call to action:

  • Quick Response (QR)
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Groupon Specials
  • Via a Bluetooth download directly to a cell phone

Your advertising is at work to increase your revenue.  Tracking can be verified based on the  offer the buyer responds to.

This localized advertising medium allows you to break though the clutter and deliver a timely targeted message that can be easily revised as needed.  If there is a special event taking place you can update your content today to target that specific audience.  You can change your offer based on time of day, such as discounted coffee in the morning, appetizers in the evening.  You can also include full motion video in your ad to enhance the response to your message.  The possibilities are endless.

Multiple Advertising Formats

In most locations, Sgnify provides a free listing of local businesses and services which viewers can easily search by topic or location.  You can enhance that listing by allowing viewers to pull additional information through Banner Advertising and featured Brochure Pages, or you can push your message to them with Smart Phone Mobile Advertising.

  Banner Advertisments.

Banner Advertisements are like website ads only delivered on large, eye catching digital interactive signs placed in strategic high trafficked locations.  They offer the most effective means to reach the target audience.

  • Scrolling ads appear on the top and bottom of the interactive screen so they are always visible, guaranteeing you a set number of views; up to 540 a day for a 10 second ad. 
  • Purchase a Banner Advertisement on the top of each “topic” page to separate you from the competition.  Interested viewers can simply click on your banner to get more information about your offering on your Brochure Page

  Smart Phone Mobile Advertising.
Sgnify interactive digital signs allow you to reach your prospects at the time when they are in the market for your offering, and in your area. They allow customers to download your offer and information directly to smart phones to carry away for immediate action, and to forward on to other contacts.  It works like this.  As people pass within range of each sign, a Bluetooth notice is sent to their personal device asking if they want to accept your special offer.  Once they accept, your message is instantly downloaded to their cell phone.  When they arrive at your business, they simply show you the message received on their phone to take advantage of your offer.

  Digital Brochure Pages

Sgnify touch screens feature a well-recognized GUI interface that invites interaction.  They allow viewers to search for specific types of  products and services and then view your  location on the interactive map, and even download directions to your location onto their smart phone.  You can boost the power of your listing to the next level and ensure your offering stands out by providing additional information on an associated Brochure Page.  That page can promote your product offerings or specials, highlight menu or entertainment specials for the day, or even display room images and  availability for local lodging.  These pages can easily be updated and revised at any time by your own staff  keeping you message current.

For pricing and advertising specifications please contact us today at or give us a call.



    • Education
    • Events
    • Municipal
    • Office/Retail
    • Sports
    • Garage
    • Trolley


  • Built on Open Source
  • Cloud Driven
  • Touch Controlled
  • Real Time 4G