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Solutions Overview

From hospitality and sports venues to conventions, resorts, healthcare, education, and malls, SGNIFY-Smart Signs can be deployed indoors or out-of-home to provide dynamic content and advertising to your audience.

Icons/User Interface

SGNIFY-Signs utilize the most advanced and recognized interactive user interface (UI) available today. Applications are activated by icons – similar to handheld devices like the iPhone® and others. Individual icons deliver content in a smart, user friendly way.

Content Delivery

From data and video, to news, maps or images, our dynamic content delivery puts content in the hands of the user. SGNIFY-Smart Signs uses web-based and mobile networks to deliver more rich media information, communications and way-finding content than any other system.

We eliminated the need for digital players. This break-through allows you to lower your hardware costs while expanding your network of interactive touch screens.


SGNIFY-Signs are an ideal platform for your brand to develop an advertising program that generates revenue and exposure for your brand, products and partners. Large, visually eye catching SGNIFY-Smart Sign touch screens provide users with a compelling environment for sponsor messaging and more.

SGNIFY-Signs enable department stores, restaurants, airport terminals, and sports arenas to utilize mobile marketing to give customers useful, personalized offers. The big advantage is convenience; your mobile marketing efforts are transported from SGNIFY-Smart Signs to your customers’ smart phones. Passengers in an airport terminal can receive coupons for their destination or a discount for an in-flight DVD rental.

Bi-Directional Communications

SGNIFY-Smart Signs can push your digital program to the next level of profitability with a fully integrated Smartphone interface. As smart phones get smarter, SGNIFY-Smart Signs are keeping pace with the activation of smart messages and ads. When your audience approaches SGNIFY-Smart Signs, they can receive a Smartphone discount, or a specific "call to action."

SGNIFY-Signs Applications

Boost customer engagement with a huge choice of applications.

  • Music Downloads
  • Live News Feeds
  • Games
  • Movie Trailers
  • Welcome Messages
  • Promotions
  • Maps and Directions
  • Event Schedules
  • Research
  • Reviews and User Feedback



    • Education
    • Events
    • Municipal
    • Office/Retail
    • Sports
    • Garage
    • Trolley


  • Built on Open Source
  • Cloud Driven
  • Touch Controlled
  • Real Time 4G