Our Markets

SGNIFY focuses on platforms and solutions for a wide array of different challenges.
  • Touch and Smart Phone activated applications get your message across
  • QR Code and NFC enabled communications engage your audience.
  • Compelling calls to action and real time feedback create lasting connections.

Unlike any other digital solution on the market, SGNIFY offers increased capabilities for the interactive user. SGNIFY enables you your audience at the place and time that maximizes the value of your message.



Hotels, restaurants, transportation, and cruise lines are ideal venues for SGNIFY. Offer destination way finding maps, floor plans, menus, reservations, schedules, and more. Make them feel at home.


Sports Venues

From major league teams in stadiums and ballparks, to local parks and universities, SGNIFY can deliver branded kiosks, merchandise sales, online news, and team rosters. Indoors and outside – rain or shine. Touchdown!


Trade Shows

What better way to deliver schedules, maps, transportation, food service, courses, and social media to your guests and participants? SGNIFY offers gBook (green book), an iOS or Android tablet which puts all the content from your event into the hands of participants. Using gBooks, you can deliver program schedules, exhibitor floor plans, posters, abstracts, visitor information, sponsorship content, and more -- for less than the cost of printing the program, using today’s Green technology. This beautiful little device eliminates product locators, email stations, cyber cafes, and provides fully-integrated registration and lead retrieval.




Outside in the sun or snow – at locations on the beach or near the mountains – SGNIFY will deliver the maps, special events, coupons, retention programs, directories and emergency assistance your guests seek.


Commercial Centers

Every major facility provides way finding, directories, food, transportation, amenities and emergency support to its staff and visitors. Let SGNIFY deliver the content to their fingertips.


Health Care

Your patients and staff seek out information throughout their visit. Why not let SGNIFY supply directories, maps, news, and information and video on treatments and services, amenities, transportation, and emergency assistance?  


On Campus

Colleges and universities are complex environments for new students, visitors, and educators. SGNIFY delivers the latest schedules, announcements, way finding, food, transportation, safety tips, and more. (Visual + eBrochure)



Visitors to malls, airports, terminals, and other expansive public spaces can use SGNIFY for a wide range of content. Sales promotions, schedules, transportation, maps, food, and social media are all available.


Government Services

SGNIFY delivers up-to-the-minute, accurate information to any location. Way finding, directories, amenities, and transportation are just a few categories that meet the needs of a government facility.


In the Office

SGNIFY offers up to date information for corporate offices about events, policy updates and changes and a quick way to get information where it is important.  We also specialize in performance related dashboards and interaction for trading floors, call centers and training centers.



    • Education
    • Events
    • Municipal
    • Office/Retail
    • Sports
    • Garage
    • Trolley


  • Built on Open Source
  • Cloud Driven
  • Touch Controlled
  • Real Time 4G